skillet chocolate chip

18 Mar

Friday night was spent grading final papers and baking whole wheat chocolate chip skillet cookie.  Never thought I’d say this ever, but I actually enjoyed reading almost all of my students’ papers.  Graded all of them in one sitting!  Reading these papers and getting nice e-mails from students are the only things that keep me going these days.  It feels really nice to see that most of them have a good grasp of hard theoretical concepts.  More than what I understood when I first read those materials in undergrad!  Guess the burn out from teaching is worth it.  Oh, baking and cooking non-stop has been helping too!

Back to the cookie.  Thanks to 101 Cookbooks for the recipe, which I followed completely.  No modifications except for using chocolate chips than chunks.  So the first time I tried these cookie, I was not impressed at all.  I was looking for that caramelized  taste.  But this cookie actually get better with time.  It’s so good a day or two later.  Made with whole wheat flour.  It’s almost healthier than the regular kind and the whole wheat flour brings in a natural nutty flavor without the addition of nuts.  Next time, I might caramelize half of the butter first and do the America’s Test Kitchen approach in making chocolate chip cookies.  By the way, America’s Test Kitchen recipe is the best chocolate chip cookie recipe I have ever made so far.

I love my cast iron skillet!  Not only is it affordable but it is a total workhorse.  I have made the perfect ribeye, pizza, pancakes, etc.  I can make almost anything with it.  The only part I don’t like about my skillet is that I have to clean it right away after using or it will rust.  Here are some awesome tips on how to use it and how to take care of it.

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