a quickie: cafe cubano and pie

9 Apr

I swear I’ll be better and posting.

For those of you who don’t know, I LOVE coffee. I’m not an addict. One serving of coffee per day is plenty for me. These days I’m a bit of a snob. I don’t frequent Starbucks as much as I used to because I pledged to omit bad coffee out of my life. Also, I’m trying to patron local business as much as I can:) However, this is one place in San Jose that I go to, if I’m ever in the area. It’s called Barefoot Coffee. I go to the one on Stevens Creek. It’s a bit spendy, which is why I’m not here too often. However, they make the GREATEST cafe Cubano. I discovered this place through a bad date. Yes, even I can see the light in a horrible date. While I will never speak to this terrible date again, I do thank what’shisface for introducing me to some great eats. In fact, I’ll likely do a post called “great bites from a bad date” soon. Anyway… This place makes a great cafe Cubano because when they make the espresso, they mix the beans with a touch of muscovado sugar, giving it that hint of burnt sweetness. Delicious! If the Cubano isn’t your thing, then check out the Voodoo, which is made with coconut milk (for your paleo folk out there). Here’s my artsy rendition of the cafe Cubano:

Also, for those of you who don’t know, the Manpanion is big on pie. I like cupcakes. He likes pie. We still manage to love each other. One of his favorite places is Chile Pies. If you’re in SF and you have a hankering for pie, check them out. The Manpanion and I discovered Chile Pies in this article. To this day, the Manpanion is STILL in love with the green chile apple pie. It’s an eclectic mix of green chile incorporated into the apple mixture. The crust is is a cheddar cheese streusel. Strange, but wonderfully unforgettable. Check out the deliciousness:

(as you wipe your drool) You’re welcome!

Live deliciously!


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