we all scream

22 Jan

Fritzie is the ultimate kitchen gadget pusher. Per her recommendation, I invested in a few key pieces for my kitchen. You already saw the incredible slow cooker that is now a regular part of my repertoire. When this ice cream maker went on special, I had to jump at the opportunity. When it finally came in, my life (and everyone around me) was changed forever. First off, take a look at this beauty:


Confession: I love colorful appliances. It may make for a mismatched kitchen, but colors make me happy:)

I didn’t realize how easy making ice cream was. Just a few ingredients blended together, chilled, and run through the machine in twenty minutes… viola! You have a delicious concoction. I like that I know exactly what’s in my ice cream and that I can control the level of sweetness and tones of the various flavors. Homemade ice cream tastes day and night different from the store bought stuff. Once you start making your own ice cream, I’m sure you won’t go back to mediocre ice cream.

Granted, I’m still tinkering with recipes and proportions. However, I’m having fun thinking up cool flavors. The first ice cream I made was roasted plantain. It was  non-dairy and coconut milk-based. The flavor was good, but I really needed to work with the actual mixture. Also, I didn’t realize that coconut milk freezes to a hard-as-a-rock consistency. This makes enjoying ice cream in days to come a bit challenging. The second flavor I conquered was Vietnamese coffee. THAT was a total winner! I followed the winning streak with creamy kalamansi. I was on a roll!


Vietnamese coffee ice cream, fresh out of the maker. Initially, it comes out as soft serve. There are less than five ingredients in this!

When I got back to Phoenix, I tried to make another non-dairy batch: mango-coconut non-dairy ice cream. Though it was delicious, I still had the hard-as-a-rock issue to deal with. Shortly after, I made lychee-mango for my nephew Brendan. Finally, this current batch is salted caramel hot coca.

It’s official. I’m an ice cream making addict! If you’re reading this and you have great ice cream ideas, feel free to share. I’m always looking for interesting things to experiment with.


The salted caramel hot cocoa mix is currently on clearance at Williams Sonoma. That is what inspired this delicious bowl of ice cream that you’re looking at.

Live deliciously,


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