Fritzie loves chocolate, a nice piece of steak, roasted crabs, bread pudding, and ice cream. She thinks that a complete meal ends with dessert and that sometimes a garnish is just a waste of space.




Joanne loves caramel, cupcakes, Filipino comfort food, most fried things, and a good cup of hot cocoa. She thinks that green leafy things are just as important as meat, and that pork is an essential vegetable (“I’m Filipino. I can’t help it!”).




As two budding scholars, the Academic Kitchen is where we (Fritzie and Joanne) have decided to balance out our “nutty professor” tendencies. By combining our love and passion for good food and good company, we created the Academic Kitchen to share our favorite recipes, cooking projects, and culinary adventures with you. We are thrilled that you’ve decided to stop by and hope you enjoy this delicious journey.

We'd love to hear from you!

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