joanne’s wish list

I’m not going to lie. I have an amateur kitchen and there are certain things I wish I had. Some things are complicated, but some things are easy. Kitchen tools just add up and I need a place to kind of keep tally of the things I need/want (in no particular order). If any of you kind-hearted souls ever wanted to treat me to something special, this is a great place to refer to:)

Kitchen Appliances and Such….

4 Qt. Soup Pot (nonstick). I needed one to make smaller portions to avoid putting so much food to waste. As a compromise, I bought an inexpensive one at the local Asian grocery store. Unfortunately, the pot is falling apart. I’d like this to replace the failing one. I also like this one because of the spout.

8 Qt. Soup Pot (nonstick). Mine just needs to be upgraded.

Food Processor. I have a Vitamix which I love. However, there are certain times I wish I had an actual food processor. Technically, I could steal borrow my sister’s food processor. However, the chances of her seeing it again are slim.

12-inch Nonstick Pan. You’d think I’d have something as basic as this. Unfortunately, I don’t. Currently, I use the Manpanion’s inexpensive pan which does the job. However, since it’s kinda light, it bends weird and it cooks uneven. I’d like to have something heavier and more sturdy. This needs to be remedied. Stat.

Calphalon Sear Nonstick Pan. Holy Jeebus. I fell in love with I saw this at Macy*s. I’d marry the Manpanion just so we could register and update our kitchen stuff. (Okay, I have BETTER reasons to marry him, but kitchen stuff works too:)

8-inch Nonstick Pan. Same story as the 12-inch.

Glass Storage Containers. I need to grow up and get rid of the plastic.

Pyrex Baking Dishes. Since I do a lot of roasting, having an extra 3 qt. baking dish would be extremely helpful. My old roomie had the luck of inheriting a bunch of Pyrex baking dishes. Now that I’ve moved out, I kinda miss them:(

Kitchen Tools

Silicone Molds. I’d love this one and this one. There are a few desserts that I’d like to dabble with. However, I need these molds to make it happen. If you happen to get them for me, I’ll totally make a batch of desserts for you too!

Orange Squeezer. Not just for oranges. I need it for Costco-sized lemons. And limes. And other citrus stuff. If you’ve made kelaguen, you’d understand the urgency. I broke the last lemon squeezer I bought. It was for a Christmas meal and the thing broke in one squeeze. Tears.

Pancake Rounds. Yes. I’d like the round ones (two sets if possible) and the heart-shaped ones🙂 I try to avoid pancakes, but since I discovered a great paleo version of them, I’ve been itching to make them more often. I also use these for shaping eggs and making Filipino-style eggplant torta.

Fine Zester/Grater. I’m not in dire need of this. But it seems like it’s nice to have – especially to grate hard cheese, chocolate, ginger, garlic, etc.

Cheese Plane. This is more for the Manpanion than it is for me. He’s a cheese addict. It just makes things easier.

Cheese Grater. I use this for the major stuff like mac and cheese. I get through cooking by slicing cheese with a good old fashioned knife. I do have a hand-held grater, but it kinda broke recently because of the volume of grating I was doing. I Hence, a new grater is needed.

Cookbook Holder. I’m at that point in my culinary life where I need one.

Ice Cream Containers. These rock. If you have an ice cream maker, these are hands down, THE BEST containers for storage. I keep mine in the freezer even when they’re empty.

Ice Cream Scooper. It’s true. I’ve managed to invest in an ice cream maker, but I don’t have a scooper. This needs to change. Stat!

Knife Sharpener. It’s that time. With all the cooking I do, I’m definitely feeling the weakness of my knives. This would be a great long-term investment:)

Salt and Pepper Grinder Set. My cheap pepper grinder is doing me no good. The grind is way too big. I LOVE this set!

Spoon Rest. Doesn’t everyone need one?

Strawberry Stem Remover. Just because.

Pantry Items

Black Lava Salt. I hear good things. Must try!

Truffle salt. Blame it on TV. I saw this somewhere and it just looked divine!

Anything from Penzeys. I love that place!


The Adobo Road Cookbook. My friend Raf introduced me to the Burnt Lumpia blog. The writer published a cookbook. I want it!

Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams at Home. It goes with my ice cream maker:)

Memories of Philippine Kitchens. I’ve been wanting this one for a while. Le sigh.

The New Slow Cooker (Williams Sonoma). When I bought my slow cooker, the lady at the store suggested this.

Remember Guam. Feeling nostalgic.

The Smitten Kitchen Cookbook. I need to see what the hype is all about:)

A Taste of Guam. I’m on a mission to perfecting some island fare.

2 Responses to “joanne’s wish list”

  1. dorothysantos January 27, 2012 at 7:14 pm #

    Awesome. I thought I KNEW what to get you. Now, I really know what it is you want.

    • jlrondilla January 31, 2012 at 1:28 am #

      Yay! I’m glad someone’s taking note:) I was going to list “Fluevogs,” but who am I kidding? I’d never chance getting my Vogs dirty from cooking. Haha!

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